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Cognitve Psychology :: 29. 06. 2012 ::
:: Individual thinking style in relation to decision making and spontaneous or pre-planned behaviour
  Marek Sinason, Alan Wing
Birmingham University, UK
  The purpose of this online experiment is to examine the differences between individual thinking style particularly in relation to decision making and spontaneous or pre-planned behaviour. You will be asked to complete a series of short questionnaires on subsequent pages. Each questionnaire includes instructions on the type of questions that will follow and the way to respond (such as giving a rating on a 5 point scale on how much you agree with a statement from very little to a lot). These questionnaires include questions about decision making, preferences, mood, and the degree to which a number of different statements represent yourself and your approach to short term and long term decisions. When the experiment is completed you will be given more information about the research and its findings. All your responses to the questionnaires and personal information will be kept absolutely confidential. Your name will be converted to a code number, and only the anonymous group average data from all participants will be used for any published research.
Full debriefing and links to research are offered upon completion of the questionnaires.