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archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 24. 04. 2008 ::
:: Making a Judgment About an Event ::
  Gary Brase
Kansas State University
  The purpose of this study is to learn about how different ways of presenting information lead to differences in how people make judgments and reason about situations.
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 09. 06. 2005 ::
:: Political Experiment ::
  Christian, Nadja, Diego
Universität Zürich, Sozial- und Wirtschaftspsychologie
  Framing effects and surplus information within political statements.
Student experiment in U.-D. Reips' prep class. Just 1 minute required.
archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 03. 06. 2005 ::
:: Cup Episode 2 ::
  T.Leonhard & D.Beutinger
Uni Tübingene
  A tiny experiment! Have fun and thanks for participating!
Web experiment by students in U. Reips' Tübingen class
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 21. 07. 2006 ::
:: Miscommunication of verbal probabilities ::
  Stefanie Wöhrle
Universität Tübingen
  Our study is about the risk of miscommunication. Miscommunication appears because people use different verbal probability phrases and interpret them in different ways. Your participation helps to explore ways to reduce the prevalence and magnitude of such communication errors.
participaion takes only 10 minutes
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 30. 01. 2009 ::
:: Relationships & Sex ::
  Kristine M. Chapleau, Debra L. Oswald
Marquette University
  This study is examining attitudes toward men and women. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete this survey. All responses are anonymous.
archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 06. 04. 2007 ::
:: Letter Sense ::
  Joshua Hartshorne
Harvard University
  In this experiment, we are examining intuitions about letters. You will see strings of letters such as "rtrtrtrtrt" and make a judgment about them by pressing a key.
archived   Other :: in English :: 09. 03. 2007 ::
:: Female Violence & Antisocial Behaviour ::
  Abigail Thornton
University of Central Lancashire, UK
  Research suggests men are generally more violent than women, but female violence also occurs and may be underreported. This study investigates women's involvement in violent and antisocial behaviour. Both men & women are asked to respond to questions regarding female perpetration of (a) general violence, (b) partner violence, (c) antisocial behaviour & (d) hate crimes. Takes approx. 15-20 minutes to complete.
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 02. 02. 2007 ::
:: Ideal Gender Representations ::
  Alison Lenton (w/ Constantine Sedikides & Martin Bruder)
University of Edinburgh
  This study investigates what people think their society believes about the qualities and roles that are desirable for each gender. You must be fluent in English and at least 18 years of age to participate.
archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 13. 04. 2007 ::
:: How Does the Brain Read? (English) ::
  Joshua Hartshorne
Harvard University
  10 minutes. In this experiment, we are testing a relatively new hypothesis about how, on the brain system level, reading takes place. Although reading is an important topic that has been studied for many decades, there are still many questions about how people learn to read. One potential application of our research is the development of new methods of reading instruction for people with dyslexia.
archived   Internet Science :: in English :: 04. 07. 2007 ::
:: Help, I need somebody to tag: Using a Web 2.0 Collaborative Indexing System ::
  Tobias Kowatsch
Hochschule Furtwangen University, Faculty Digital
  This experiment is part of my thesis which is about collaborative indexing systems such as, Connotea or CiteULike. The goal of this experiment is to understand better the use of such systems by you - the user - and to adapt it to your needs. When you participate in this experiment an indexing system will be introduced, you have to tag some websites, and evaluate this system afterwards. The experiment will take about 13 minutes. You can win one of 30 Amazon Gift Certificates for 15.00 US$ / GBP 8.00 or 8.00 US$ / GBP 5.00. If you are interested in participating in this Web Experiment, then please click the button below. You can participate only between the 1st and 21st of July 2007. Around the end of August 2007, the results of this project will be presented here. Be part of it!
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 22. 07. 2008 ::
:: Forming impressions on social network sites ::
  Adam Joinson
University of Bath
  Study on forming impressions of others based on their Facebook profile
archived   Applied Psychology :: in English :: 16. 07. 2008 ::
:: Facial Composites Rating Task ::
  Agnes Lech
University of Kent
  You are asked to take part in the likeness rating procedure. You will be presented with a facial composite and ask to rate the likeness of that composite with a target photo of potential "suspect".
archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 21. 05. 2008 ::
:: Reasoning about novel strangers ::
  Cristina Moya, Robert Boyd, Clark Barrett, Joe Manson