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archived   Personality Psychology :: in English :: 10. 06. 2011 ::
:: Emotional Experience ::
  Wing Yee Cheung
University of Southampton
  We are requesting your participation in an online survey, which will take about 15 minutes, and will ask questions about you, your emotional experience, and your goals. Please take your time to respond to the questions thoughtfully and openly. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers – so feel free to provide completely honest responses. However, you can also leave any questions blank that you strongly would prefer not to answer.
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 23. 06. 2011 ::
:: A Maze Task and Processing of Social Scenarios ::
  Kevin P. McIntyre, Jonathan Gallegos
Trinity University
  This investigation examines how the skills needed to complete mazes influences how people think about social scenarios. You will be asked to complete a maze task and afterwards read a description of a common social interaction and respond by completing some questions about the scenario and about yourself. Your participation should take 5-10 minutes.
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 16. 04. 2011 ::
:: Moral Perception Study ::
  Tor Tarantola
London School of Economics
  A study on moral judgment involving a short questionnaire. Expected to take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
archived   Other :: in English :: 27. 04. 2011 ::
:: Responding to Moral Dilemmas II ::
  Martin Bruder & Attila Tanyi
University of Konstanz
  In this study we want to investigate how you take moral decisions. You will be asked to read a short scenario and then indicate how you would behave in this morally challenging situation.Participating in the study will require approximately 10 minutes of your time. At the end of the study you will be able to enter your name into a prize draw and, after the whole study has been completed, we will randomly allocate two prizes of €50 (or equivalent in your currency) each to two participants.
archived   Clinical Psychology :: in English :: 13. 05. 2013 ::
:: Affective Responses to Picture Stimuli in Adults with ADHD ::
  Barbara D. Petersen
Pacific University School of Professional Psychology
  Adults with and without ADD/ADHD are needed to participate in an Internet study examining emotional responses to pictures. Participants will view a number of photographs and answer a couple of questions about each one; the experiment takes 20-30 minutes to finish.
archived   Cognitve Psychology :: in English :: 17. 07. 2012 ::
:: Subjective Awareness of Memory ::
  Helen Williams
University of Richmond
  This research stems from our interest in people’s awareness of their own memory abilities, and people’s justifications about how accurately they remember something. You will be shown justification statements that previous participants made when they thought they recognised a word as being one they had encountered earlier in an experiment and your task is to decide which category their justification falls into from: Remember, Know, Familiar, Guess.
archived   Social Psychology :: in English :: 28. 07. 2006 ::
:: Attributions of Sources of Variance ::
  Cristina Moya